This young horse was a bit shy on the beach and kept trying to hide behind his owner, but in between those moments he showed his beautiful spotted coat to us. Vlekkie is the product of an appaloosa and Fjord mix, but he turned out beautifully! I love spots and Vlekkie has plenty. His name is Dutch and means little smudge or speck in English, which obviously suits him well. 
Shot in Groote Keeten, The Netherlands, with a Canon 600D and a 55-250 lens. 

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Anonymous said: u should totally draw some poc!hermione bein cute man. like readin in her books or tryin 2 tame her wild hair or having to put up with ron and harry.

hermione bein cute and multitasking while she gets dressed or s/t woo


Anonymous said: u should totally draw some poc!hermione bein cute man. like readin in her books or tryin 2 tame her wild hair or having to put up with ron and harry.

hermione bein cute and multitasking while she gets dressed or s/t woo

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The Chordettes - Mister Sandman

The first time I ever heard this song, it was Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy singing

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racethewind10 said: if it makes you feel better, just about the time you are starting to even THINK of getting an ego, your horse will dump your ass :P So I wouldn't worry too much about that ;) #beentheredonethat

That’s a good point, haha. 

Horses: keeping riders humble since “Hm…I wonder if these things will let us sit on them…”

Radar has been known to buck…

Sleepy Hollow S1 Gag Reel

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If you go around with the attitude that you’re never make it and/or that you’re a terrible rider and that you should just quit then yeah, you’ll probably never make it and you’re going to ride like crap.

Your mental state 100% has an effect on your physical state. So think positive and press on.

I need to work more on this (always scared I might get too ego-inflated, which.. is telling, I suppose), but in the past year, I think I’ve gotten better at being more positive, at least in regard to horses and riding, and it’s improved the way I approach riding.

I no longer believe that I’m an awful rider (and part of that is my instructor hammering in the idea that just because I have flaws as a rider doesn’t mean I’m a bad rider, period), and I think Radar’s getting that. :) Don’t think I could’ve ridden Mona last year, either, with that state of mind. 

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further feeding the Swan Queen = Aladdin/Jasmine theory

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Major, 2014 island-born Chincoteague pony foal. 

He now lives with the folks at Chincoteagues in Canada

itty bitty cutie

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Yes. And to show up every article on fanfic that gets printed, acting like 50 Shades is the first fic to get published…

published? pfft, radclyffe created a WHOLE fucking publishing company, that’s still successful today…cause that’s how we xenites roll


That’s right, 50 Shades, suck our Bold Strokes Books.

What bastions of Xena fics do you speak of? I’m running out of AO3 stuff to procrastinate with!

Oh my god, you poor child, you’ve only been looking on and AO3?!

There are lots of smaller sites,but the big ones, get you going: Academy of Bards, The Athenaeum, and AUSXIP’S Bard Corner.

You won’t be able to read all of that stuff before you die, I reckon.

ah the history of my people


Ms. Marvel #8 by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, & Ian Herring

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Ellando, my love ! by Amaëlle on Flickr.

Lesson Notes 9/21/14

Guess who’s back to work today? My favorite stoner pony, RADAR!

And for the lesson, he was surprisingly not as stoner-like. His lesson workload has been cut in half, so that may be why. 

CIRCLES. We did so many, just to get the hang of steering again. Also, size control with spiraling in and out. Radar will try to drag you to the rail, and if you let him, the battle’s already been lost - you won’t get him off of it. So yeah, keep your outside aids strong and steady when you feel him trying to drift. 

We tried alternating sitting and rising during the circle - sitting during the “dangerous” part of the circle (near the rail where Radar might be tempted to pull away) and rising during the “safe” part. When rising, giving an extra push to your posting to prevent being slightly left-behind. 

He’s getting pretty attuned to my seat. Like, you wouldn’t think he’s as aware and alert as he is while working, but he is. It’s why, if he feels he has a less-than-confident rider on his back, he won’t bother with more than the absolute minimum (and if you’ve ridden him before, you’d know his absolute minimum is barely shuffling). It took me about a year, but I guess we’ve come to an understanding. :) It helps that he prefers being off the line, haha.

Radar can balance himself if you half-halt him only once or twice. Which is kind of a relief after the long continuous half-halt-5 seconds later-half-halt that is riding Mona (she is still super fun to ride, though, such a sweetheart). He does need to be picked up before canter, though.

Guess who managed two left-leads today? STONER PONY. So, hopefully, that means he’s on his way to getting that back. I’m so happy that I got even one left-lead canter today (was told not to expect it). The second time it happened, I was just putting on a little extra pressure, and he just hopped to it! Good boy! ♥


And in other news, I’ve figured out that it’s Radar’s saddle giving me chafing/blisters near the back of my thigh - not my breeches or underwear. It’s his giant freakin’ saddle. -_- Nothing to be done about it, I guess. 

Note to self: Place both billets through saddle pad - one in and one out makes his already huge saddle pad slip behind. Tuck the pad velcro strap under saddle flap.


Strange Empire Trailer 2

A Western whose heroes are women. I cannot wait.

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